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Premium Irish Jewellery
Magento 1.9 Website.

Irish Creation is one of the latest players in the Irish Jewellery industry. The site needed to reflect their product range of premium, Irish and celtic jewellery. We built the website to incorperate lot's of white space and to minimize any distractions as the product images spoke for themselves. We built a custom menu system that was completely image based which is an innovative approach to showcase the beautiful products without confusion. You can see these features and more in the case study below.

Launch Website

Product Focused Pages.

We ensured that the main focus on each page was the products.
We have taken the less is more approach and removed any navigation/distractions from the category pages.

Image Based Menus.

We identified a large bottleneck in jewellery sites where customers had to click into a collection to see what it looks like. Most ecommerce menu's are text based and show no indication of the style of the range.

Tailored Product Pages.

When dealing with such high value products some prices can't be displayed online. We built this call for price for form to make that process easy.

Effortless One Step Checkout.

Once a customer adds a product to the cart, purchasing should be as simple as possible.

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